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Architectural Design Guidelines (2021)

Fencing Resolution (2021)

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Cross Ridge Architectural Design Guidelines

The Cross Ridge HOA Architectural Design Guidelines (2021) is a 17-page document that supplements our community Covenants and sets the aesthetic standards for properties in our community. Its coverage is broad and includes:

  1. Exterior Building Alterations;
  2. Decks and Retaining Walls;
  3. Patios & Walkways;
  4. Exterior Decorative Objects, Landscape, Security Lighting & Flag Poles;
  5. Exterior Landscaping and Maintenance; Vegetable Garden Plots;
  6. Play Equipment; Basketball Goals;
  7. Sheds & Outbuildings;
  8. Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs;
  9. Vehicles & Parking;
  10. Miscellaneous Restrictions;
  11. Business Use of the Home;
  12. Fencing.

The complete Architectural Design Guidelines (2021), including Fencing Guidelines (2021), are available for download here.