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The Cross Ridge Board of Directors is excited to introduce TUGBOAT 2021!  A neighborhood enhancement project that we believe will provide increased value to our homes and instant curb appeal for our community as a whole.         

  • A fencing survey was distributed to homeowners in the fall of 2020;
  • The survey included options for stain colors, allowing for a “natural” or unstained option, how many choices should be permitted and a vote to ascertain the top choice for a new color; 
  • The survey results were that homeowners preferred one color of stain for all fencing and the top color choice was BEHR “Tugboat” from Home Depot.
  • THANK YOU!!! – To the committee of homeowners who gathered feedback, assessed, and created a plan!

Fencing Project
This initial phase of the fencing project is focused on the 6-foot shadow box perimeter fencing and the fence between houses, commonly known as a “wing fence” visible from the street.  The majority of this fencing in Cross Ridge was installed by Genesee Homes 25 years ago.  In some cases, it has held up well, in other instances the 6-foot shadow box fencing has exceeded its natural lifespan and you will see some or all of the following issues:

  • Posts have rotted in the ground;
  • Pickets have split; warped or are missing altogether; 
  • Nails have “popped”.  

As the HOA prepares to move forward with this enhancement project, there has never been a better time than now to take a look at your fence and determine what maintenance may need to be performed, or if replacement could be a better option.

What’s next?

  • Board members are investigating discounted fence stain purchase opportunities and we will pass along this information as available;
  • Neighbors are encouraged to join forces to complete larger scale areas or organize a volunteer group to help neighbors;
  • The HOA is committed to working with homeowners who may have difficulties completing the project.

Homeowner participation.  Homeowners will be asked to inspect their 6-foot shadow box fencing for necessary repairs that would include:

  • Ensure that all 6”x6” posts remain solid in the ground.  Posts are the primary support of any fencing.  If they are not solid in the ground, they won’t support a fence;
  • Replace split or warped or otherwise damaged pickets;
  • Nail or otherwise reaffix loose pickets;
  • Please wait to stain if you have any questions, we would hate to have you stain your fence and then be asked to repair it.

What to expect

  • Legacy Management will be surveying the neighborhood and assessing fences;
  • Expect to be contacted in writing regarding your fence.


  • The top choice from the community survey was “TUGBOAT”, and the Board of Directors has voted to adopt this color for Cross Ridge.  Homeowners must use the BEHR Tugboat solid color house and fence wood stain product, available exclusively at Home Depot.  The solid formula was chosen to provide the most consistent application over the variety of stains currently in the neighborhood.
  • May and June 2021 – assess your fence and expect to be have Legacy review your fence and offer feedback as necessary;
  • June – August 2021 – review feedback; work with neighbors; paint and stain; put kids to work; beautify the neighborhood;
  • September 2021 – if you have not repaired and/or stained your fence Legacy will check-in to review where you are at and your plan of action.

Behr TUGBOAT Stain Material Information and Discounts
Available exclusively at any Home Depot
BEHR Tugboat Solid Color Stain
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ProXtra Account Number: 3038088627
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View sample discount pricing for 10 year and 25 year Behr Solid Color stain

Discount Pricing on Fencing Materials from Home Depot
Home Depot Boulder will offer bulk pricing for large orders of fencing materials
(pickets, posts, concrete, form tubes)
Call for details-
Joe at Boulder Pro Desk
303.544.7408 x 365
Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

THANK YOU for your patience as the Board of Directors reviewed and assessed the special committee’s feedback. As you are well aware, this past year has been a lesson in patience and we appreciate yours as we assessed and decided the best course of action. We encourage feedback and reflection and want to support your efforts to enrich our community! Thank you for your help in this endeavor and we’re looking forward to a summer of painting and planting and enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.
Board of Directors
Cross Ridge HOA