The Cross Ridge HOA is governed by a five-member volunteer Board of Directors consisting entirely of Cross Ridge homeowners. The Board meets 6-9 times per year and makes decisions regarding budgeting priorities for the HOA. We elect new Directors to the Board each year at our annual meeting at the end of the year. If you are a Cross Ridge homeowner and would like to serve on our Board of Directors please contact our HOA manager (listed below).

2021 Board of Directors

  • Corrie Carpenter
  • Tom Henriques
  • Paul Love
  • Randy Owen
  • Becky Ralston

2021 Architectural Review Committee (ARC) 

  • Tiana Coleman
  • Kathy Grieble
  • Jenny Max
  • Matt Ralston
  • Ryan O’Leary

The Architectural Review Committee is a volunteer committee composed of Cross Ridge Homeowners. Members are appointed annually by the Board of Directors. The ARC makes decisions has exclusive authority to make decisions regarding all homeowner applications for exterior modifications to property as well as architectural standards and policies within the HOA.